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Contact Information

1401 Yellow Jacket Way

Leesburg, FL 34748

(352) 728-3739


Gabriel Fielder, Director

Charlene Iannaci, Jazz Band

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Band Camp 2014
Required for membership


Personal items money is due at camp!

Week 1 – Evenings 5:30 to 9:30

Week 2 – Afternoons and Evenings 12:30 to 9:30

1. Get outdoors a couple hours a day and start getting acclimated to the sun and the heat.  Take a brisk walk around the block.  Go swimming, bike riding, etc.

2.  Hydrate.......water, water, water and then some more water

3.  Start eating correctly now.  Cut out all soda, greasy foods, too much sugars.  Eat more salads, pasta salads, lunch meats like turkey, chicken, tuna, cut up fruit as much as possible.  Avoid dairy.   Do NOT have cereal before coming to Band Camp.  Have some eggs, toast, juice, water, fruit, granola bars with fruit, more juice, water, water, water.

4.  Get your attire in order:  You'll want to bring an extra pair of clean WHITE socks each day.  You'll be more than happy to change out of wet (because of rain) or wet (because of sweat), smelly, dirty socks during break time.  TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET.

5.  Proper cross training type sneakers.  Not with the spring bottoms, not flat like Vans, AirWalks, Converse, Sketchers.  You want ones that have the curved toe for roll steps in marching.  No high tops

6.  Loose basketball type shorts.  NO DENIM (that's jeans material) No short shorts (must be mid thigh at the least), No tight shorts.


8.  Clean hand towel to dunk in water to cool off. Make sure your name is on it.

9.  Water coolers with your name on them filled with water or gatorade.

10.  Bring a snack or packed dinner to second week of camp, you're going to need something to keep it in and maintain its temperature.  The office refrigerator is NOT available for student’s items.

11.  Music, pencils, instrument, etc...... all your equipment needs

12.  Light colored t-shirts or tank tops will help.  Dark colors absorb heat.

13.  A super positive uplifted energy for a great start to a great year!

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