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Band Parents Association (BPA) Contacts
Below you will find a description of all those involved with coordinating the group efforts of the Band Program and the Band Parents Assocation

Director - Gabriel D. Fielder -
de facto CEO of the Band Parents Association - responsible for all aspects of the program, also the sole individual accountable for everything that happens in and with the program.

Assoc. Director - Charlene Iannaci -
Responsible for coordinating the activities of the jazz bands and co-directing the marching band, no BPA affiliation.

Color Guard - Jen Ramos -

Board of Directors
Please see the bylaws (left) for a description of the job responsibilities of the Band Parent Association Board Members:

You may email the entire board at

President - Chris Semans -
Vice President - Alex Ramos -
Secretary - Lori Winter -
Treasurer - Sonia Semans -
Financial Secretary - Linda Denby -
Member-at-Large - Tony Winter -