Band Staff / Clinicians / Instructional Volunteers

Our process is a bit more involved than to be a parent volunteer, here's what we need:

Step One
Register with Lake County Schools (LCS):  CLICK HERE.

Step Two
Email and so our president and school can confirm your Lake County Schools status.   Please indicate that you wish to be a Level 2 Volunteer.

Step Three
Complete the Lake County Schools fingerprinting process and wait to be approved.  Email a copy of your approval to

Step Four (only if you are being reimbursed at any point by the Band Parents)

You must be Jessica Lunsford Act compliant, please complete the steps HERE there will be an additional fingerprinting session with an outside agency.   This is normal and correct.   LCS fingerprints you for your volunteer status, JLA compliance is a seperate entity.  The Band Parents Association will reimburse you for this expense.   Please submit a receipt.